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Leasing Procedure
Thank you for choosing Swam Media for your signage. On this page you’ll find
details of some of the procedures, terms and conditions relating to leasing with us. 

If you need any more information just get in touch or visit our website
Period of Lease
All our leasing contracts are for 2 years.
£99 per month including VAT at 20% will be made by direct debit plus a one off
delivery and set-up charge of £29.99. Until a written notice of termination is given in
accordance with our terms and conditions, all contracts continue thereafter for the
minimum term at the current rate.
The applicant must be over 18 years of age
The application will be subject to your status and which will include us obtaining your
credit file from Experian.
Delivery details and dates will be provided once the application has been approved.
The actual applicant will need to be present to receive the goods and show an
agreed form of photographic ID.
We will confirm the availability of the products you have requested to lease.
Specification may change and all products shown are subject to availability.
Digital Signage will require a broadband connection with a recommended speed of
3.0Mb/s. Please be aware that Wi-Fi signal in some areas may be poor therefore
connection will be made by Ethernet cable.
Damage and Repairs
Please note, we offer a £25 policy which covers the 2 years for accidental damage.
We will replace your sign with a new one. Failure to take advantage of this exclusive
offer may result in full payment for the digital display unit if the display is stolen or
damaged beyond repair.
Complaints Procedure
At Swam Media we are committed to providing the highest quality service.
Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, things may very occasionally go wrong.

When this happens we need to be informed about them so that every effort can be
made to put things right and to prevent similar problems in the future. Please be
assured that we are committed to resolving your complaint fairly and quickly and in
most cases this can be achieved immediately by contacting us on 01604 532144
Alternatively, you can contact us with full details of your complaint by e-mailing us